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Weight Management  - Treated with HypnotherapyWeight issues, either being overweight or having eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia are often symptoms of anxiety or depression. 

The Hypnotherapy is given in the same way as for anxiety and depression and extraordinary results can be obtained.

The client will be given a sound understanding of how the brain works right from the start with the 1 HOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

Information will be gathered in this time and treatment tailored to suit the clients needs. 

A CD will be given to the client to listen to each night for a week which will help the process of reprogramming the brain to be predominantly active in the left pre-frontal cortex where the 'feel-good' chemicals are produced. 

Along with Solution Focused Therapy, Hypnosis is used until the required result is obtained.

testimonial/email from previous client:

Dear Melanie,

 I came to see you in January to take part in weight loss management.  I am now writing to you to tell you that I have lost one and a half stone without even realising it or trying, and kept it off, but not only that I have banished all of the stresses that were weighing me down at that time.  Too many things had become 'huge' problems in my mind and I fretted and stressed about the outcomes of them.
 I remember at my first session you asked me to tell you 10 things which had made me happy that day, I couldn't think of any.  You then said in the last week, and I could only name a couple. Looking back on it there weren't many things which made me happy.   You altered my thinking, I still write down my happy thoughts at the end of each day (and I can usually name more than 10) and listen to your CD on a regular basis.
I am now of the opinion that you should take each day as it comes and not to worry about tomorrow because you are never going  to change the outcome of an event by worrying about it.

My original reason for the visit was weight loss, but you never really mentioned this, you concentrated more on self belief and positive thinking and once I had that under control the weight loss was a fantastic bonus.  I feel happier with myself, I now look in a mirror and don't look away in horror, I handle situations differently now because I feel myself considering how I feel about them before I respond.  Another huge thing that has changed my life has been the ability to relax and shut down when I go to sleep and not constantly have situations rushing around in my mind for hours.  I now feel rested and not totally exhausted.

I thought I would leave it a while before I wrote to you as I now believe that this is not just a two or three week wonder, this has been 8 months now, and I wanted to thank you so much...


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