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I have helped many people overcome their smoking habit in just one or two 

Nail Biting - Treated with HypnotherapyIf you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of being a smoker or a non-smoker, you'll always come to the same conclusion – only an idiot would actually choose to be a smoker.  This is something that all smokers know, even if they continually protest about free choice and the like.  The trick is to always remember this fact not that you are a non smoker.  You are not making some sort of sacrifice, because smoking does absolutely nothing for you at all – other than destroy your health, empty your pockets, make you smell and considerably shorten your life.  You are already aware of the benefits to be gained from quitting the habit, otherwise you would not have thought of doing so in the first place; the trick is never to have any doubt about how much you wanted to stop, otherwise you will make yourself feel thoroughly miserable, wishing you could have a cigarette.  And even more miserable if you DO have one!

Don't avoid smokers or rooms or situations where people smoke – instead just look at them and be quietly pleased that you have achieved something they haven't.   You don't need substitutes and you don't need to keep a packet of  cigarettes in a drawer somewhere 'just in case', either of these two 'protections' will only serve to convince your subconscious that stopping is difficult – and it isn't! And dismiss any feelings that you are being deprived of something – you are actually gaining something, not losing it; you are gaining extra energy, health, extra life.

Even though you will have had the benefit of hypnosis to help you stop easily, you might possibly experience some sensations of craving or need during the first few days...that feeling of 'I wouldn't mind a cigarette'. If it exists at all, it will be far less than if you were trying to quit by will-power and will last only for a few seconds if you really want to stop.  This is because the body can only maintain any sensation if it is constantly stimulated; instead of saying to yourself: 'I'd really love to have just one cigarette,' say “Thankfully I have stopped smoking.” If you really want to stop you will find this easy, and any feelings of craving will simply disappear like magic.
Don't try not to think about smoking – it's impossible, because in order to try not to think about something, you've got to think of it in the first place to know what it is you are trying not to think about!  You might think about smoking – and you might not.  If you find yourself not knowing what to do with your hands, take a pen and a piece of paper and write 'I do not smoke' several times, to occupy yourself.  It is also worth remembering that you can get rid of any craving feeling in the mouth by simply rinsing out with iced water …

The most important thing to remember:  You are not sacrificing anything or being deprived of anything, because cigarettes or tobacco do nothing at all to improve your life. So there is no reason to envy those who still smoke; they are still 'hooked' and still destroying cells in every part of their body at an accelerated pace.  They are literally still killing themselves.

Within a fortnight the urge to smoke will have disappeared completely and you will be well on your way to becoming healthier, richer, more energetic – and living a longer happier life!

Additional tips:

Vitamin B complex (which should contain B6 and B12) helps you deal with stress.
Vitamin C not only makes quitting easier; it also bolsters your immune system, which will have been damaged by smoking.

There is no initial consultation with Anti-Smoking sessions.  It is conducted in one session which will take no more than 2 hours.  You will be given a CD to take away which will also help the process.

Anti-Smoking - £200 for one 2hr session or £900 for the weekend retreat at Rockaway Park.

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